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Red flowering heather plants

Some heather plants are such deep pinks they have an almost red appearance. We try to stock at least 1 or 2 of these varieties all-year round, as shown below. Heathers are acid-loving evergreen perennial shrubs with a hardy, low-growing habit. Synonymous with moorlands in the British countryside, they are easy to grow and care free, thriving in open, sunny locations and coping fine with the harsher weather conditions in the north of the UK. Heathers are perfect for incorporating into group plantings to add some interest to the winter garden. They're effective when planted in 'waves' of 5-7+ of each variety but can also be used singly in the border or rockery.

There are two varieties - Calluna and Erica. Strictly speaking, Calluna varieties are heathers and Erica varieties are heaths. Both have the same form and growth habit but there are some subtle differences. Calluna (heathers) have flat, scale-like foliage whereas Erica (heaths) have narrow, needle-like leaves. They benefit from a mulch with leaf-mould, well-composted pine needles or composted pine bark once a year. Both are brilliant for bringing a natural feel and splash of colour to your garden. If required, they should be trimmed immediately after the flowers have faded, as they re-flower on new shoots each year.

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