Self fertile fruit trees

Self fertile fruit trees overcome the difficulty of needing to have pollination partners, especially if you only have space for a single tree in your garden or just want to grow a standalone tree as part of a particular design. Many fruit trees are not self-fertile, meaning you ordinarily have to pair them with a second tree that flowers at a similar time to allow for pollination to get a good crop. Sometimes a helpful neighbour may lend a hand by having a matching pollinator in their garden. Otherwise, a self-fertile fruit tree could be the perfect solution, guaranteeing a reliable, bumper crop with no added complications. Self fertile means male and female flowers are produced on the same tree, so a pollination partner is not required to produce a delicious harvest. They tend to be well suited to budding beginner gardeners and make a great gift, for example, for a friend who is entering retirement. Most fruit trees are grafted onto a root stock which dictates their vigour and eventual height and spread. Our product pages all show ‘mature height/spread’ and ‘growth rate’ .

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2-4 litre pot
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15-20 litre pot 80-100cm

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