Peach trees

There is nothing more delicious than devouring a sweet, juicy, tender peach picked fresh off the tree. Despite their slightly exotic appearance, peaches are quite easy to grow even for novice gardeners in all but the most northern parts of the UK, providing they are given a warm, sunny position and protected from frost. They are one of the earliest fruit trees to flower with the branches becoming clothed in beautiful, dainty pinky-white blossoms in early to mid-spring. They really are quite a sight to behold when in full bloom. Many pollinating insects are yet to come out of hibernation when they flower, so it helps to help them along with some hand pollination using a paintbrush, pressing it gently into each flower. We guarantee you’ll find the texture, flavour and sweetness of home-grown peaches discernibly better than anything you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. As peaches bruise easily, commercial growers supply them to the supermarkets when they’re under-ripe, meaning they’re robbed of the last crucial fortnight of sunlight and fructose levels are suppressed.

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