Family apple trees

Family apple trees are perfect for overcoming the challenge of needing to have a pollination partner for your apple trees, particularly if you only have the space for a single tree in your garden. Many apple trees are not self-fertile, meaning you’ll ordinarily need to pair them with a second apple tree that flowers at a similar time to allow for pollination to get a good crop. Sometimes a neighbour may lend you a hand by growing a tree of matching pollination group in their garden. If not, and if you don’t have lots of space to grow multiple varieties yourself, a family apple tree could be the perfect solution. A family apple tree essentially has 3 different varieties of apple in the same or adjacent pollination groups grafted onto a single tree. This makes your tree self-fertile, guaranteeing a reliable, bumper crop. They can be grown in the border or a container and make an excellent gift for budding or green fingered gardeners.  Check the type of root stock (indicated on each product page) to understand the vigour and eventual size of your tree – see our guide to growing your own apple trees for more details.

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