Large fern plants

At Jackson's, we sell large tree fern plants (Dicksonia Antarctica) in a variety of sizes for delivery to anywhere in the UK. The tree fern is a stunning semi-evergreen tree, meaning it will keep its fronds all year-round in milder parts of the UK but may be deciduous in colder areas. It is very slow growing with a stout trunk and rosette of arching, architectural dark green fronds which can reach up to 3 metres in length. Believed to be one of the oldest plants in the world, these large ferns are perfect for adding a touch of drama and architecture to the garden. Very slow growing, often only achieving 30cm of trunk growth in 10 years. Tree ferns prefer a position in semi-shade, need to be kept well-watered and require some winter protection during cold spells.

In stock
10-15 Litre Pot (30cm Trunk)

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