Climbing hydrangea plants

Climbing hydrangeas are a valuable addition to any garden with beautiful, fragrant clusters of white, airy flowers above large deep green, serrated, heart-shaped leaves. They make an eye-catching choice for growing up walls, trees and pergolas, as well as being a brilliant ground cover plant for securing soil on slopes and inclines. Most varieties are relatively slower growing than other climbers, so whilst they can grow very large over time, they're relatively easy to keep in check if you prefer to restrict them to a smaller space. Some varieties are semi-evergreen and will require some winter protection to keep their leaves through the winter with the foliage potentially turning yellow in autumn and the stems on mature plants appearing copper-brown with peeling bark. Climbing hydrangeas grow by aerial roots that attach to textured surfaces, but may need some help initially. Flower colours can vary greatly depending on the pH levels of the soil they are planted in.

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