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Best Value Plants - Plant Pot Size Guide

The pot size you buy your plant in is critical to plant development and survival. It is very important to ensure that the plant(s) you are buying have been grown in the size of a pot that provides not just the cheapest plant but represents the best value for that particular plant. Some suppliers avoid ensuring pot size is clear at the point of purchase so their plants look inexpensive but in the long run, they can result in slower development and increased losses. Some offer plants in P9 pots which are plants often less than 1 year old, many varieties of which can be more difficult to establish straight out in the garden. Clearly, a plant in a 2 litre pot has twice the root system of one that initially may look slightly cheaper in a 1 litre pot but often offers worse value for money. Always check!

The majority of plants sold online by Jacksons Nurseries come in pots of various sizes. Most pot sizes are referred to by their volume capacity in litres, with the exception of pots that are smaller than 1 litre which is usually referred to by the diameter or cross section of the top of the pot (P9 is approximately a 9 x 9 cm pot).

The table below gives the approximate measurements of the common pot sizes we use at Jacksons Nurseries. Generally, for instance, grasses, shrubs, ferns & perennials etc are the best value in a 2 or 3 litre pot unless there is a particular cultural reason to grow in a larger pot. Sizes are only a guide as the exact measurements vary depending on pot manufacturers.

Pot Size Pot Diameter (Top) Pot Diameter (Base) Pot Height
9cm  9.0cm 3.5" 6.0cm 2.5" 8.5cm 3"
1 Litre 13.0cm 5" 10.0cm 4" 11.0cm 4"
2 Litre 17.0cm 6.5" 12cm 4.5" 13.0cm 5"
3 Litre 19.0cm 7.5" 13cm 5" 15.0cm 6"
4 Litre 20.0cm 8" 15.5cm 6" 16.5cm 6.5"
5 Litre 22.5cm 9" 16.5cm 6.5" 18.0cm 7"
7 Litre 25.0cm 10" 19.0cm 7.5" 20.0cm 8"
10 Litre 28.0cm 11" 24.0cm 9.5" 22.5cm 9"
15 Litre 33.0cm 13" 25.5cm 10" 30.0cm 12"
20 Litre 35.5cm 14" 27.5cm 11" 32.5cm 13"
25 Litre 38.5 cm 15" 30.0cm 12" 35.0cm 14"
30 Litre 41.0cm 16" 33.0cm 13" 36.0cm 14"
40 Litre 50.0cm 20" 35.5cm 14" 45.0cm 18"

So, always look out for the pot size the plant has been grown in – its critical best value for your garden and budget.

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Ordered some plants and shrubs from you 10 in all and they turned up on Thursday I can not get over how good and healthy they are so pleased with them that I have placed a further order would highly recommend well packaged and really healthy plants ????
Eeeee thanks so much for this!
Thank you very much- as a Landscape Architect, I find this information very helpful to aid visualising how many of... we need per metre.
All afternoon I've been looking for somewhere that tells me what size, as in diameter, a 10 litre pot is. This is a terrific table, it not only gives diameter at the top but other measurements too. Brilliant. Thank you.
If my plant grows 1m x 1m what size pot do I need?
How many kilos is needed to a polyethylene bag size 8x8x14.. Thankyou
Would be useful to have the appropriate tray size to go with the pot size.
Spot on, thanks guys

@ Lucia - thanks so much Lucia!
This is really good information, have always wondered what size the various pots were

@ Suzi - thanks Suzi, glad you found it useful.
it is fantastic now I know exact how much soil I need.

@ Miladasimak - thanks for the feedback, glad you found this helpful.
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