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The Garden Centre at Jacksons Nurseries in Bagnall, Staffordshire


Meet our Garden Centre Team



  Hayden - Garden Centre Manager Garden centre manager Hayden  

Our garden centre manager Hayden has been with us for over 16 years. Having always had a keen interest in gardening it is no surprise that he enjoys spending his time creating amazing garden displays around the centre as well as helping customers become inspired by plants. Outside of work Hayden enjoys spending time with his family, a few drinks watching the rugby and tending to his own garden.

Favourite plants: Japanese Acers

Specialising in: Shrubs and Perennials



  Peter - Garden Centre Assistant Garden centre assistant Peter  

Peter has worked for Jacksons Nurseries for almost 20 years and really values working with the rest of the Garden Centre Team. He has always had a keen interest in all things gardening he has developed a wealth of plant knowledge. When not working Peter enjoys gardening.

Favourite plants: Pete loves all plants equally

Specialising in: Everything



  Kevin - Garden Centre Assistant Garden centre assistant Kevin "the bomber"  

Kevin has been a part of the team for over 3 years and takes great pleasure in organising the plant display areas, especially in summer when getting to work amongst all the flowering plants is an added perk of the job. He enjoys working with his colleagues and takes great satisfaction at the end of the day, from a job well done. Kevin initially developed a keen interest in gardening during his younger days as a means of relaxation away from the pitch during his time as a professional football player. Outside of work he enjoys playing and listening to music.

Favourite plants: Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd'

Specialising in: Conifers, Heathers and Rhododendrons



  Maggie - Garden Centre Assistant Garden centre assistant Maggie  

Maggie has worked here for over 2 years and loves working outside and help the customers find what they are looking for. She especially enjoys making up hanging baskets for the garden centre in the spring. When not working Maggie can be found out walking the dog and travelling around the country.

Favourite plants: Lavender

Specialising in: Bedding Plants



  Phil - Delivery Driver and Garden Centre Assistant Delivery driver and garden centre assistant Phil  

Phil has worked here for over 3 years, primarily as our local delivery driver. He takes great job satisfaction from helping out our customers once he arrives with their plants and loves seeing their happy faces! Horticulture has always been in Phil's family and his father was as nursery mananger. Outside of work, Phil's real passion is salmon fishing across the country. 

Favourite plants: Japanese Acers or Azaleas

Specialising in: Trees



  Han - Garden Centre Assistant Garden centre assistant Han  

Han joined the team just under a year ago and really enjoys being able to work in the great outdoors. She does enjoy spending time learning about plants around the garden centre. When Han is not at work she enjoys travelling and camping.

Favourite plants: Trachycarpus fortunei

Specialising in: Garden centre products and sundries



  Pat - Garden Centre Assistant Garden centre assistant Pat  

Pat has worked in our garden centre for over 7 years now and plays a huge part in helping and serving our weekend customers which is something she takes great joy in. Outside of work, Pat has a small polytunnel at home where she grows a range of bedding plants and vegetables.

Favourite plants: Camellia's

Specialising in: Bedding Plants




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