Laurel hedging plants

Shop our range of laurel hedging plants, perfect for forming an evergreen boundary hedge or filling gaps in your existing hedge line. The most popular variety is Prunus lauroserasus ‘Rotundifolia’, more commonly known as Cherry Laurel, Common Laurel or English Laurel. Cherry Laurel has a dense growth habit with large, glossy, oval leaves, well suited to forming a visibility screen to provide privacy from nosey neighbours or passers by and reducing noise pollution. It produces modest spikes of creamy white flowers in mid-spring, followed by small black berries, providing a valuable source of food for birds. Cherry laurel is best planted 60cm apart and will grow around 30cm (1 foot) per year under typical growing conditions. Prunus Lusitanica, commonly known as Portuguese Laurel, is another popular hedging variety with elongated, darker green leaves and white, early summer, cup-shaped flowers, produced in long, slender racemes with a sweet hawthorn scent. Portuguese laurel makes a fantastic dense hedge, screen or windbreak, suitable for sun or shade and growing on any well-drained soil, including chalk.  It is dense enough to be used as a nesting site by birds and its compact habit means it can be easily clipped into formal shapes. The flowers are followed by small red fruits which turn dark purple in winter. See our hedging plant guide for more information and advice.

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2-3 Litre pot
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2-3 Litre pot
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2-3 Litre pot (20-40cm)

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