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Jackson’s Nurseries have been delivering real Christmas trees to Glasgow for over 15 years. If making your way through the bustling crowds on Style Mile with a tree on your back or squeezing it onto the ‘The Clockwork Orange’ underground doesn’t sound like the best way to start your Christmas, then our Christmas tree delivery service on a day of your choosing could be just what you need.

We offer delivery of all our Christmas trees to anywhere in Glasgow, including Carntyne, Riddrie, Stepps, Crnahill, Merchant City, Finnieston, Millerston, Provanmill, Garnethill Park, and Queenslie – we also have the option to pre-order your perfect tree to make for a hassle-free festive period.


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Choosing a Christmas Tree
We’ve made it easy for you to choose the perfect tree for your festive season, offering a wide selection of trees. Traditionally many different evergreen species were used as a Christmas tree. The most popular variety today is the Nordman Fir, which is favoured for its soft, rounded, pet and child friendly needles and excellent needle retention over several weeks. Alternatively, many people still love the traditional Norway Spruce with its rich coniferous fragrance, which really adds to the Christmas atmosphere in the home. Our quick guide to different trees below may help you choose:


  • Nordman Fir Christmas trees - thick, soft, glossy needles. Wide base for presents. Excellent needle retention. Suitable for pets & children. Most popular tree in the UK.
  • Norway Spruce Christmas trees - traditional Christmas tree. Popular since Victorian times. Broad triangular base. Rich coniferous fragrance. Best installed in December.
  • Blue Spruce Christmas trees - an attractive blue coloured Spruce. Sharply pointed foliage. Conical shape. Best installed in December
  • Serbian Spruce Christmas trees - unusual style Christmas tree with a narrow, slender shape. Perfect for smaller homes. Fits into porches & corridors. Fragrant bluey needles.
  • Korean Spruce Christmas trees - regular tight pyramidal form. Silver needles. Good needle retention. Mid green with bluey undersides. Best installed in December.
  • Alberta White Spruce – the perfect small tree to add festive cheer to a tabletop or windowsill.


For more detailed information, please see our guide on different types of Christmas trees.


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Benefits of buying a real Christmas tree

  • Family memories – if you purchase a root balled tree, you can plant it in your garden after the festive season is done. That way, you can have a lasting memory of all the wonderful Christmas memories you have created.
  • The first artificial Christmas trees were invented by a company called Addis Brush – known for making toilets brushes and scrubber; not something you want to think about when placing your presents under your tree.
  • Aside from looking better than artificial trees, real trees give off a fragrance that cannot be matched by a manufactured scent.
  • Artificial trees are made from PVC – a potentially harmful chemical. Learn more about this in our article about the benefits of a real vs. artificial Christmas tree.


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Contact us
If you have any queries or wish to talk to a member of staff about our Christmas trees, please contact us. We are always more than happy to help.



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