The best rambling roses

Climbing roses are quintessentially English and highly versatile - strong growing varieties are ideal for covering decorative obelisks, arches, walls, trellises and fences whilst shorter varieties can be trained around poles and tripods to form 'pillars'. Larger, more vigorous rambling roses are best in bigger gardens to cover unsightly buildings or grown through trees to provide a magnificent summer display. They are non-clinging so require support and it is important they are tied in and well-secured to their structures.

For smaller climbing roses, check out our separate top 5 list of climbing roses.


Our Top 2 Rambling Roses

1. Rose 'Albertine'

Rose Albertine


This is a popular, vigorous rambling rose producing a lavish display of large, loosely double, soft coppery-pink blooms from mid- to late summer. These have a lively, rounded shape and release a lovely sweet perfume as they emerge from attractive, pointed coppery buds.


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2. Rose 'Paul's Scarlet'

Rose Pauls Scarlet


Sweetly scented, cup-shaped, fully double scarlet blooms which appear in abundance on stiff, thorny stems from June to July. This is a vigorous, low maintenance rambler with graceful, arching stems and finely-toothed, ovate, semi-glossy mid green deciduous leaves. Growing best in a fertile, well-drained soil, it's perfect for covering a wall, pergola or fence in a sunny spot of the garden. The slightly fragrant, eye-catching, early summer blooms have a medium disease resistance and often lighten to pinkish-red with age.


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