Ten of the Best Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid teas are the most popular type of rose, referring to a category of roses that were originally created by cross-breeding Hybrid Perpetual and Tea roses. This means they are both hardy and typically repeat flower, producing large, shapely flowers that open from high-centred buds on long, straight stems. Hybrid tea roses have a stiff, upright growth habit, often sparsely foliaged, and tend to flower in three flushes from summer to late autumn. They usually have one bloom per stem, making them great for using as cut flowers. We share our top 10 list of hybrid tea roses below (in no particular order and including a mix of climbing and shrub forms).


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Our Top 10 Hybrid Tea Roses


1. Rose 'Alec's Red'

Rose Alecs Red


Masses of luxurious, fully double, crimson to cherry red blooms are produced continuously from dark purple buds between July and September. This is an outstanding hybrid tea bush rose that's blessed with an impressive list of virtues. It is well-foliated with healthy, finely-toothed, glossy mid-green deciduous leaves and bears large, elaborate, globular blooms that possess a deep and heavy damask perfume. Combining well with early flowering perennials and bulbs, it's perfect for an open, sunny site, displaying a strong resistance to diseases such as black spot and mildew. The blooms hold their colour well with age and cope well with tough conditions including rain and windy weather.


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2. Rose 'Compassion'

Rose Compassion


This is a popular, large flowered climber with a vigorous, upright growth habit and shiny, dark green deciduous leaves. It has stiff, thick stems with large, red thorns and looks excellent when combined with contrasting strong-coloured climbers or against a dark wall. The clusters of fragrant, Hybrid Tea-shaped blooms also makes it perfect for growing up a pergola or arch so its scent wafts about as you pass through. We recommend pinching out faded flowers immediately to encourage a second flush of colour.


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3. Rose 'Dawn Chorus'

Rose Dawn Chorus


Fabulously fragrant, eye-catching, deep orange blooms, flushed with yellow at the base of each petal are produced continuously throughout the summer. This is a charming, upright variety with attractive, finely-toothed, glossy dark green deciduous leaves which display red veining and a strong resistance to diseases such as black spot and mildew. The fully double, high centred blooms are produced in abundant clusters across the whole of the plant, making it a great choice for using as a bright bedding rose. A charming variety which won the Rose of the Year Award in 1993.


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4. Rose 'Freedom'

Rose Freedom


A fragrant, large-flowered bush rose with abundant glossy mid-green deciduous leaves. Beautiful, deep yellow double blooms that do not fade with age, produced from summer to autumn. A healthy vigorous bushy variety with good disease resistance.


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5. Rose 'Lover's Meeting'

Rose Lovers Meeting


Stunning, fully double, bright orangey-red blooms with pointed outer petals and a subtle, sweet fragrance. This is a very vigorous, upright hybrid tea with stiff, thorny stems and finely toothed, semi-glossy, dark green deciduous leaves that are tinted with bronze. Perfect for an open sunny site, it has a strong resistance to black spot, mildew and rust and normally blooms in small clusters rather than singly. In spring the plant becomes clothed with beautiful, coppery-bronze new growth which enhances the distinct colour of the vibrant, unfading blooms. The flowers have a glowing appearance and are produced repeatedly from May to September.


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6. Rose 'Mister Lincoln'

Rose Mister Lincoln


Large, high-centred, double, velvety deep red blooms emerge from long, pointed buds above leathery, dark green deciduous leaves from July to September. This is a very vigorous, long-stemmed hybrid tea which possesses an exquisite, intense, damask fragrance and maintains its fabulous bloom colour exceptionally well throughout the season. Perfect for incorporating into a garden display in a large bed, the blooms ability to last well in water and the long flowering stems also make it a great choice for cutting. A healthy, upright rose which is less prone to mildew than older dark reds.


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7. Rose 'Special Anniversary'

Rose Special Anniversary


Excellent strongly fragranced rose, beautiful large deep pink blooms lasting throughout the season. Healthy glossy foliage of a bushy upright habit, very good disease resistance. A great choice for a gift idea for any anniversary, can be used as cut flowers in flower arranging. Ideal for containers.


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8. Rose 'Tequila Sunrise'

Rose Tequila Sunrise


Pretty eye-catching fully double, yellow flowers with scarlet margins produced from summer to autumn. A large-flowered bush rose with blooms borne well above the glossy, dark green deciduous leaves making it idea for cuttings.


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9. Rose 'With Thanks'

Rose With Thanks


A beautiful hybrid tea rose with large blooms of pink blend with a yellow reverse. Magnificent strong fragrance throughout the long flowering period and healthy dark green deciduous foliage with very few thorns. A good variety to use as cut flower as the blooms last well in water. As this rose grows to a maximum height of 90cm it is quite happy in a container as well as your garden. Excellent gift idea!


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10. Rose 'Pascali'

Rose Pascali


Large, high-centred, fully double pure white blooms which are urn-shaped and neatly-formed with a blush of creamy-yellow in the centre as they are opening. This is a vigorous, upright hybrid tea with a bushy growth habit and finely toothed, glossy, mid-green deciduous leaves. Flowering continuously between May and August, the blooms have a slight tea fragrance and maintain their colour and shape exceptionally well even in wet and windy conditions. Its long, strong, straight stems make it a good choice for using as cut flowers.


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