Eight of the Best Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are a widely popular, hardy and free flowering variety of rose that can be grown and enjoyed by new and seasoned gardeners alike. The term floribunda denotes that these varieties tend to produce masses of stunning flowers in large clusters unlike hybrid tea roses which produce a single large flower on each stem. Floribunda roses are also very robust and disease resistant which makes them an ideal choice for mixed borders or container growth.


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Rosa 'Arthur Bell'
'Arthur Bell’ is a richly coloured floribunda rose with stunning bright yellow semi-double flowers that fade to lemon with age. These flowers appear in large clusters but can also appear as a single larger flower on the stem. The flowers are beautifully fragrant and provide a sweet aroma throughout the flowering period on the plant. The foliage consists of large glossy green leaves that provide a stunning backdrop to the brilliant flowers.
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Rosa 'English Miss'

Rosa ‘English Miss’ is a compact bush floribunda rose with strong, sweet smelling, double pale pink flowers throughout the summer and autumn months. The stunning flowers can appear white at first glance but are in fact laced with a beautiful and striking pink hue that catches the eye of anyone close enough to appreciate this sophisticated colour. The dark green glossy foliage enhances the flowers subtle colour to create a fabulous contrasting palette.

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Rosa ‘Hot Chocolate’

Winner of the Best of the Best award in 2006, Rosa ‘Hot Chocolate’ is an extremely distinctive rose due to its unique, attractive colour scheme. The flowers emerge as reddish orange buds that open to reveal shades of dark chocolate brown toward the centre of the petals. It has rich dark glossy foliage and is highly resistant to disease and pests. A winner of the ‘Rose of the Year’ and ‘Award for Garden Merit’ in 2006, this rose comes highly regarded. 

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Rosa ‘Iceberg’

‘Iceberg’ is a free flowering bush variety that is always a fantastic seller amongst our range of floribunda roses.  From late spring onwards it produces masses of medium sized, double flowers which emerge from subtle pink buds. These beautiful flower buds open to reveal breath-taking soft white petals which have been known to appear lightly flushed with pink. This fantastic RHS ‘Award for Garden Merit’ Winner will continue to flower until the first frosts of the year making it an excellent choice for long periods of interest in your garden.

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Rosa ‘Irish Eyes’

Rosa ‘Irish Eyes’ won ‘Rose of the Year’ in 2000 when it was first revealed. It is easy to see why with its striking, vibrant variegated flowers that offer a huge show of colour from early summer until late autumn. It blooms with large clusters of small flowers that develop from dark red buds. These flowers all feature a deep yellow eye in the centre which fades to orange and finally red towards to outer edge of each petal. These incredible hues work together to create a complex and eye catching show of colour which sits above rich and glossy bright green leaves.

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Rosa ‘Korresia’

Rosa ‘Korresia’ is also known as ‘Sunsprite’ and produces clusters of showy vibrant yellow flowers on each stem that stand out against the rich and shiny mid green foliage. The beautiful blooms repeatedly flower throughout the summer months creating a real sense of warmth. The sweet scent emitted from the flowers further adds to the summer interest of this variety.

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Rosa ‘Margaret Merril’

Rosa ‘Margaret Merril’ is a smaller floribunda rose that produces exceptional fragrant constellations of rich white flowers flushed with a delicate pale pink hue and golden yellow centres.  The dark green matte foliage creates a contrasting colour palette that works to emphasize the repeating flowers sophisticated and dainty appearance. 

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Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is an extremely popular variety of floribunda rose that has won multiple RHS awards over the years including ‘Best of the Best’ in 2003. Flowering throughout the summer it presents tight clusters of perfumed semi-double flowers in exquisite shades of bluish purple and violet with paler shades on the reverse of the petals. These clusters of flowers present themselves against a background of light green waxy leaves. ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is currently the closest to a blue flowering rose that is naturally possible.

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