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Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are stunning, instantly recognisable flowers available in a wide range of colours and forms from sumptuous creamy whites and pinks to dazzling, exotic mixes. Tulip bulbs have been cultivated in Holland since the 1600s. There is now an enormous range of tulips available that have grown out of the relentless crossing of varieties by breeders. It’s best to plan out which bulbs you want to plant and where in the first case. This will help show your tulips off at their best with taller growers at the back of your display and shorter varieties at the front, as well as a planned succession of flowers from March through to May. They’re best planted in groups and can be used to create a consistent colour scheme or collage of shades, depending on your scheme. Tulips first originated from the mountains of Kazakhstan and were brought via Turkey to the Botanical garden of the University of Leiden in Holland. See our guide to flower bulbs or how to plant bulbs article for more details.

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