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Daffodil Bulbs (Narcissi)

Daffodils are highly recognisable, vibrant, cheerful flowers that deserve a place in every garden. Bright yellow daffodils are of course the most popular symbol of spring but they’re also available in shades of whites and soft pinks. Also known by gardeners as Narcissus, daffodil bulbs are easy to grow and highly effective en masse in the border or grown under turf to naturalise your grassed areas. They’re also at home in rockeries or pots and containers on the patio, perhaps in a spot where you sit or pass by most often. The joys of daffodils was captured in William Wordsworth’s poem entitled “I wandered lonely as a cloud” as he stumbled across “a host of golden daffodils”. Daffodil flowers was a well-loved sight for the poet and remain so for millions of gardeners across the UK to this day. Check out our bulb help and advice section for a complete guide to flower bulbs, details of how to plant flower bulbs and where to plant bulbs for more details.

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