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The people of Bristol are known for their green-fingered ways and caring about the environment, and what better way to show you care than to buy a real Christmas tree? It goes without saying that buying a natural product is better than buying the artificial version and here at Jackson’s we make sure that we have the best selection of trees available for you to choose from. We offer delivery of our Christmas trees across the whole of Bristol, including Brislington, St Anne’s, St Paul’s, Portishead, Clevedon, Clifton, Nailsea, Stoke Bishop, Montpelier, St Werbegh’s, St Andrew’s and Abbot’s Leigh.


By ordering online from Jackson's Nurseries you can buy direct from the grower and secure a tree nurtured in the Staffordshire Moorlands, on the edge of the beautiful peak district. Save yourself the hassle of trekking through the city for a sub-par tree and have us deliver a freshly cut specimen to your door instead with secure online ordering and hassle-free delivery by our Fedex courier on any day of your choosing. Our tried and tested packaging technique will ensure your tree arrives looking as fresh and healthy as when it was when dug and shipped from our nursery.


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We have a wide selection of trees to choose from, including the more traditional Norway Spruce and the ever-popular Nordmann Fir. If you’re looking for something classy and a little different a Blue Spruce Christmas tree could be just for you. Alternatively, for a small tree for a table top or windowsill, look no further than the Alberta White Spruce.

We take great care in the way we plant and harvest our trees; for every tree that we harvest we plant another two in its place. We encourage local wildlife by growing our Christmas trees in a field with native trees, using the Christmas trees as ‘draw trees’. As we harvest the Christmas trees, we leave the native species on some parts of the field to develop into native woodland.


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Choosing a Cut or Rootballed Tree

We offer both cut and root-balled trees. Cut trees are perfect for the season, and will last for a several weeks providing you follow the right Christmas tree care steps. However, if you are after a tree with more longevity, then a root-balled tree is the option for you. Here are a just a couple benefits of buying a root-balled tree:
1) You can create a family tradition – purchase a root-balled tree for your child’s first Christmas and once the festive period is done, you can plant it in the garden. With a 60% survival rate you can creating a lasting memory and tree that will grow with them.
2) Trees are vital for the environment and being able to plant a tree in your garden following the festive season can only be beneficial to yourself, the environment and native wildlife.


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If you decided to purchase a root-balled tree, then we suggest the following to help it thrive:
1) Buy a healthy tree
2) Keep the tree indoors for the shortest amount of time possible – we recommend 10 days maximum
3) Water regularly and keep the tarpaulin wrapped around the roots to help retain moisture
4) Avoid excessively high central heating temperatures in the room where your tree will reside.
5) Don't move root-balled trees abruptly between different temperature extremes in/outdoors.
6) Give your tree a good mulch when planting out in the garden to help reinvigorate growth.
7) Make sure you choose a suitable location for the eventual height/spread of the tree and water well after planting, bearing in mind that some types of Christmas tree can reach a height of 15-20 metres (50-65 feet) within 20 years. Virtually all trees like a sheltered area out of the wind whilst young, but ensure that it gets lots of sunlight as well.


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Alternatively, you could opt for a cut tree. Most people choose a cut tree, as they only want a Christmas tree for Christmas, not for life. We have a wide selection of trees at Jackson’s to suit all tastes, including some alternative species like the Alberta Spruce, and the more traditional Norway Spruce. If you want to know more about how to care for your tree, then you can read our handy Christmas tree care guide.


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