Lupin plants

Lupins are majestic, eye-catching perennials that are perfect for adding colour and height to the garden from late spring to early summer. These titans of the cottage garden produce spectacular, chunky tall spikes of pea-like flowers in rich, vivid hues of reds, pinks, purples, yellows and whites, which are loved by bees and butterflies and perfect for cut flowers. Traditionally at home amongst more naturalistic planting arrangements, lupins are also well suited to contemporary designs, working well in groups (5 or more) or in large drifts interspersed with other flowering plants and wispy ornamental grasses. They make a real statement in the border or patio containers, adding height, often with softer colours, before delphiniums take over. Dead head faded flowers to encourage a second flush of blooms and cut back to the ground after seeding in autumn.

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