Climbing plants by aspect

Climbers are highly versatile plants producing beautiful flowers and lush foliage with a natural tendency to climb, scramble or ramble. If you're growing a climber against a wall or fence, establish whether it is north, south, east or west facing. This will dictate how much sunlight your plant will receive and whether it's likely to be warmer or cooler. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, meaning north facing walls receive the least sun, making them cooler, shaded places. East facing walls will receive some sunlight in the morning as the sun rises but will then be cast into shadow for the afternoon. The early morning sun can cause damage to frozen buds and leaves, as the rapid thawing causes them to turn brown and wither, with evergreens being particularly vulnerable. South and west-facing walls receive sunlight throughout the day, making them warmer and brighter. South-facing walls in particular absorb the sun's heat throughout the day, emitting it through the night, making south-facing sites perfect for less hardy climbers and wall shrubs.

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