Fuchsia hedging plants

Browse our selection of the best fuchsia hedging plants for a beautiful, informal, low flowering hedge. Fuchsia are versatile, half hardy shrubs with slender, arching branches adorned with intricate, pendulous, two-tone flowers from July through to October. Their nectar-rich flowers are well-loved by bees, butterflies and other insects and set off beautifully against the dark green, golden or variegated ovate deciduous foliage, which has a bronzy sheen. Fuchsias reach eventual heights of up to 2 metres with a growth rate of around 30cm per year. Their tolerance of salt-laden air makes them well-suited to coastal gardens, most popular in the milder southern parts of the UK and west of Ireland. Even in more northern areas, whilst cold winter frosts may stunt their growth, they will reliably regenerate again in spring, though you may want to consider the hardiest variety, Fuchsia Riccartonii. Fuchsia Riccartonii is suitable for hedges of 1-2 metres tall with other varieties a little smaller in stature. The flowers are followed by small purple edible fruits that add a zesty tang to jams and curds. Feed Fuchsias every 3 weeks during summer with a soluble fertiliser to maximise the flowering display.

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