Bamboo hedging plants

Browse our selection of the best bamboo plants for hedging, including golden bamboo, black bamboo, umbrella bamboo and more. Bamboos evergreen foliage, fast growth rate of up to 75cm per year, hardiness and resilience makes them well suited to forming a dense screen, whilst maintaining a naturalistic, tropical and slightly oriental appearance. Bamboo have hollow stems or “culms” and come in two main forms: clumping and running bamboo. Clumping bamboos such as Fargesia spread more slowly - the growth pattern of their underground rhizomes is to expand the root area gradually, similar to ornamental grasses. Running bamboos like Phyllostachys, on the other hand, can be extremely vigorous, making them well suited for a hedge that will bulk out quickly to create a long windbreak. Just be mindful that running bamboos may send up shoots in places you don’t want them. We recommend installing an impenetrable barrier around the designated growing area of running bamboo when planting, otherwise being prepared to root prune them at least once a year. Bamboos are thirsty plants and dislike drying out. We recommend planting them slightly below ground level to create a “dish” around the canes to hold some rainwater and watering regularly until established.

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