Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks.

Please Note: Delivery timeframe is approximately 3 weeks

Fast growing fruit trees

Browse our selection of the best fast growing fruit trees, perfect for the impatient gardener who wants fruit fast! These varieties are not only quick growers but should also start cropping more rapidly too. Our top picks are apple trees, apricot, cherry trees, damson, fig, hazelnut, mulberry, nectarine, pear trees and plum trees. Keep in mind that the fruit of early ripening trees tends not to keep well, whereas later ripening varieties store better over winter. To ensure good pollination and therefore a good crop, it is necessary to grow 2 or more different varieties that are either the same pollination group or one pollination ground either side of each other (flower at the same or similar times), so be sure to check and match up the pollination groups for the trees you buy. Alternatively, you may prefer to opt for a self-fertile fruit tree or a family apple tree with multiple varieties grafted onto a single tree, which will produce a good crop without the need for another tree to pollinate them. Fruit trees are propagated onto rootstocks, which determine the vigour and eventual size of the tree. A fruit tree on a dwarf rootstock may grow to just 1.5 metres tall, making it ideal for smaller gardens, whilst the same variety grafted onto a more vigorous rootstock could grow to 6.5 metres - so check the eventual height and spread on the product pages for the plants you are interested in carefully.

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