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Plants for steep slopes

Steeply sloped sites have many inherent issues, including soil displacement, erosion and the obvious safety challenges of working on potentially unstable, banked ground. Low-growing groundcover plants are best to maintain soil stability and minimise erosion. It's helpful to choose self-sufficient, low maintenance plants to minimise the amount of nurturing required, given the challenging conditions.

Choose a mix of evergreen, deciduous, flowering and berrying varieties to provide a healthy mix of autumnal colour, spring interest and attractive blossoms. Heather plants boast vibrant foliage and attractive flower spikes, whilst slightly more upright varieties with extensive root systems such as box plants and Aucuba Crotonifolia are also appropriate and help to add ascent to the scheme. Galtheria Rosea or Galtheria Rubra boast an abundance of pink and red berries respectively and Geranium Johnson's Blue should be a staple in any garden for its large, attractively-veined, rich sky-blue flowers. Scrambling climbers grown across the ground and over boulders or other obstacles help add a natural feel with Hedera Goldheart  or Hedera Dentata Variegata being good evergreen choices.





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