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Trees are distinct from shrubs in that their elongated branches and foliage are raised clear of the ground by the trunk. They are generally taller than herbaceous and shrubby plants with either evergreen leaves that remain all year-round or deciduous leaves that take on beautiful autumnal colours before being shed to the ground before the trees' dormant period. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes with leaves that can be broad, narrow or needle-like, delicate or tough, smooth or hairy, lobed or entire and simple or compounded. The bark of trees given them a thick waterproof covering that protects the living tissue inside.

Trees can be used to add height, shape and structure to your garden, as well as providing an immediate improvement to privacy. They offer a fantastic habitat for wildlife: birds will nest in their branches, squirrels will chase each other around their many stems and other animals will make the tree their home. Whether you're looking to plant a single tree, a copse or a whole woodland, we can help. For interesting peeling bark, consider Acer Griseum or Betula Pendula. If you want a smaller tree to grow in a container or use as a sub-shrub at the front of a border, Japanese Maples are best. Sorbus trees offer the added feature of autumn berries whilst Salix Kilmarnock can be cut to provide pussy willow for use in flower arrangements

When buying a tree, look carefully at the ultimate height and spread; you should consider how the tree will look in your garden at maturity, not just immediately after planting. Most trees are easy to maintain but almost all have an extensive root system, so be sure not to plant them too close to the house.





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