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Browse our range of rose plants by type for secure online ordering and delivery to anywhere in the UK. Shop by climbing roses, English roses, floribundas, ground cover varieties, hybrid teas, miniatures, patio specimens, polyantha roses, ramblers, David Austin and standard roses . Climbing roses are well suited to growing up or over walls, trellises and arches. English roses are repeat flowering shrub roses offering classic rose scents. Floribunda is Latin for "many flowering", representing a group of roses that bear many flowers held in large clusters. Hybrid teas are large-flowered roses produced one per stem at the tips of straight, upright stems, making excellent cut flowers. Miniature roses grow to a height of 30-45cm (1-1.5 feet) with prettily-formed flowers, useful for smaller gardens. Patio roses are really just dwarf floribundas just in a smaller package. Polyantha roses are compact, dwarf roses with densely packed bunches of double or semi-double flowers. Rambling roses tend to be larger, free-flowering climbing roses with more pliable stems. David Austin roses are a collection of roses renowned across the world bred in line with David's vision of breeding roses with beautiful blooms and wonderful. Standard roses have a single tall stem, topped with foliage and flowers, like a small tree.

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