Tarragon plants

Tarragon is one of the finest of all herbs with a strong, slightly aniseed flavour, useful particularly for French dishes. It is best known for its use in making Bearnaise sauce, a delicious accompaniment to fish or meat. It is a perennial bushy herb with each stem covered in smooth and long, narrow dark green leaves. As one of the slightly larger growing herbs, it will reach a potential height of 80-90cm (3 feet) under the right conditions. Tarragon produces inconspicuous golden yellow summer flowers, held in sprays, but these don’t ripen into seeds unless its exceptionally hot. Harvest the leaves before plants have flowered and replace plants every 3-4 years for the best taste. It grows best in a sunny spot in a well-drained, gritty compost. Water little and often during hot dry weather but do not let tarragon sit with wet feet. It will succeed in the herb border or kitchen garden if you have a free-draining soil, otherwise grow in pots or containers with a mix of compost and grit, being sure to use pot feet. Beginner gardeners may find our guide to herb plants useful.

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