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Heathers are low-growing, hardy evergreen perennial shrubs which thrive in acidic soils in open sunny locations or partial shade. They are the dominant plants in most heathlands and moorlands in Europe with different varieties having flower colours ranging from white, through to pink, a wide range of purples and reds. There are two varieties - Calluna and Erica. Calluna has small scale-like leaves carried in opposite pairs, whereas Erica's foliage is more needle-like and borne in whorls. Both are brilliant for bringing a natural feel and splash of colour to your garden.

Heathers are best planted deeply in 'waves' of 5-7 of each variety. For dramatic yellow foliage consider Calluna Aurea, Erica Golden Starlet or Erica Foxhollow. Calluna Wickwar Flame has stunning golden-orange foliage and mauve flowers, whilst Calluna Silver Queen is the best silver variety available. Choose Erica Silberschmelze or Erica White Perfection for white flowers, Erica Ghost Hills for yellow flowers or Erica R B Cooke if you're looking for the deepest of the pink-flowering varieties. RHS Gold Merit winners include Calluna Anette, Calluna Darkness and Calluna Firefly.




Calluna vulgaris 'Amethyst'

CODE: 107

This is a bud-bloomer with dark green evergreen foliage and purplish crimson buds which appear between August and January. The buds are bluer than... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Anette'

CODE: 108

This evergreen variety bears clear pink buds between August and November. These fail to open but compliment the mid-green foliage beautifully. It has an... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Aurea'

CODE: 109

This is an excellent heather, with beautiful spray of purple flowers in September, contrasting golden-green evergreen foliage in the summer, turning to a... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Blazeaway'

CODE: 110

This is a vibrant, evergreen cottage-garden variety with bright yellow spring new growth, turning to mint-green as it matures and taking on spectacular... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Cuprea'

CODE: 111

A vibrant, low growing, evergreen heather with distinctive, copper foliage that takes on a brilliant shade of warm bronze-red over the winter. Perfect... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Darkness'

CODE: 112

This is an outstanding evergreen variety bearing masses of crimson flowers between August and October. It has a compact, upright growth habit making it... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Easter-Bonfire'

CODE: 134

This scotch heather is a small evergreen shrub native to moors, hillsides and heaths throughout Europe and Siberia, Turkey and Morocco. Grown for its... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Firefly'

CODE: 113

A hardy, evergreen, ground-covering heather with splendid, warm bronze-gold foliage during the growing season which takes on brilliant, fiery shades of... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Gold Mist'

CODE: 135

A beautiful, eye-catching heather with green-gold foliage and bursting with white flowers. It flowers in late summer through to mid-autumn, and provides... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'H.E. Beale'

CODE: 9288

Possibly the most beautiful pink flowering variety we sell, H.E. Beale bears long, tapering racemes of stunning double shell pink flowers which are... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Hammondii Aureifolia'

CODE: 136

A bright, pretty, mat forming heather with delicate white flowers. It’s light green leaves with yellow tips show in spring, whilst they turn bronze... More 


Calluna vulgaris 'Silver Knight'

CODE: 115

This is a stunning variety bearing lavender-like flowers between August and September. The downy, grey evergreen foliage darkens as the cold weather... More 


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