Whitecurrant plants

Whitecurrants are heavy-cropping, easy-to-grow berry plants that are immensely rewarding to grow but less popular than other fruit such as raspberries and strawberry plants. Whitecurrants are self-fertile, so you don't need to worry about what to plant them with, and they do particularly well in colder northern regions. Whitecurrant plants are versatile and unfussy, succeeding in damp conditions (providing there is some drainage) and semi-shade, making them perfect for unproductive corners of your garden where other plants do not succeed. Like redcurrant plants, whitecurrants are fully hardy, making them suitable for colder parts of the garden (just not frost pockets). Productive for up to 20 years after planting, whitecurrants are a high yielding crop which take relatively little effort, space and expense.

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2-3 litre pot

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