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Climbers are highly versatile plants with a natural tendency to climb, scramble or ramble. They are excellent for covering  walls, fences, trellis, unsightly features or pergolas, or even to clamber over natural supports such as conifer trees, bushes and shrubs. Some climbers twine around the framework they're designed to scramble over, whereas others such as Hedera, Campsis and Passiflora actually self-cling to their climbing surface. The structure you use to support your climber should be secure and strong, because the plants can become heavy with age.

Climbing plants can be used to brighten up your vertical planting areas such as bare walls or simply provide beautiful flowers, lush foliage and a fabulous scent for your garden. If you're looking for climbing plants for sun then Trachelospermum and Campsis are an excellent choice, whereas the best climbing plants for shade are Parthenocissus and Akebia Quinata (also known as Chocolate Vine). Many climbers are also excellent wildlife attracting plants, whilst Hedera varieties such as Hedera Hibernica make useful groundcover plants and Hedera Helix is suitable for growing in a container.




Actinidia Kolomikta

CODE: 1573

Attractive deciduous climber with slender, twining branches and dark green heart shaped leaves, tipped with 'splashed' variegation of pink and... More 


Akebia quinata

CODE: 1574

A semi-evergreen, trailing climber with scented purple-maroon flowers in the spring, which are often followed by very unusual, elongated purple fruits... More 


Campsis radicans

CODE: 1575

A strong growing, deciduous climber bearing masses of beautiful, trumpet-shaped, orange-red blooms which are produced at branch ends all summer long.... More 


Campsis radicans f. flava

CODE: 1576

A very strong growing, potentially invasive, deciduous climber bearing masses of beautiful, trumpet-shaped, rich yellow blooms which are produced at... More 


Campsis x tagliabuana 'Madame Galen'

CODE: 9683

Large, strong growing, deciduous climber with dark green foliage, which bursts with clusters of deep salmon red trumpet shaped flowers in late summer to... More 


Clematis 'Blue Pirouette'

CODE: 1579

Excellent deciduous Clematis that produces stunning blue-purple, open-face flowers, highlighted by an attractive cluster of white stamens in the center.... More 


Clematis 'Buckland Beauty'

CODE: 9836

Small mauve nodding flowers with yellow insides adorn this climber from summer until autumn (group 3). Bell shaped, the tepals curl out showing the yellow-green insides as the flowers age. Very pretty deciduous clematis, which is small enough to grow in a container.

Clematis are one of the most popular climbing plants in our gardens. Not only are they excellent for covering walls, arches, pergolas, fences or unsightly tree stumps, they also come in a huge range of colours and shapes. They prefer their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade, so use other plants to provide the necessary shade or cover the ground with stones or flat pebbles. With varieties flowering in spring, summer, autumn and winter, you're bound to find a suitable Clematis for your garden.


Clematis 'Elizabeth'

CODE: 1584

A fast growing, dense climber often referred to as the 'mile a minute clematis'. It produces a mass of slightly scented pale pink flowers in late... More 


Clematis 'Ernest Markham'

CODE: 1580

'Ernest Markham' is a late flowering, deciduous climber. In summer and autumn, very large magenta flowers with chocolate/gold coloured anthers... More 


Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'

CODE: 1581

Vigorous, deciduous climber covered in rosy-mauve flowers, with reddish-brown centres which benefits from shade to produce the best colouration, and... More 


Clematis 'Jackmanii'

CODE: 1620

The 'Jackmanii' variety is the best blooming deciduous Clematis in its family. It bears gorgeous dark purple blooms that are borne in July and... More 


Clematis 'Kermesina'

CODE: 1624

A beautiful, deciduous, vigorous, late flowering (Group 3) climber, Kermesina has deep crimson flowers, blotched white at the base, and dark stamens.... More 


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