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Water garden plants

'Marginal' water garden plants are grown in the shallow water around the inside edge of the pond, or in a bog garden (an area of wet ground). As well as looking beautiful and helping your pond blend in with the rest of the garden, they provide breeding spaces for water wildlife such as dragonflies and fish by shading the water to control the temperature.

The bog plants listed here thrive with lots of nutrients and organic matter. Bog gardens are best located on the lower side of the pond and a slight distance away from it, so nutrients cannot be washed out of the bog garden into the pond. By keeping the two habitats separate, both features will thrive.

For best results, choose a mixture of plants with seasonal flowers and structural shapes. Wispy grasses add movement to the display, Hosta Wide Brim has large, beautifully variegated foliage, some fern plants are good for shaded parts of the pond and plants such as primulas offer floral interest with large rounded flower heads. Mid-spring to early summer is the best time to plant, as the water is warming up and plants should establish well.



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