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Plants for patios, entrances and doorways

Most of us have a patio or deck area and there are a stunning range of plants that can be used to add colour, structure and scent to this part of the garden. Typically, patio varieties are container grown plants, kept out on the patio or deck for the summer months, then kept inside in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory for the rest of the year. Many of the plants we recommend provide architectural flare, ornamental effect or rich foliage colour, whilst others boast spectacular blossoms. A range of plants can be used to suit your style and taste, including bamboo, grasses, climbing plants, dwarf fruit trees, fruit bushes and rose plants.

We also include plants that are perfect for positioning either side of entrances or doorways to add style, class and grandeur to your home. Topiary plants such as Buxus balls or Buxus spirals in containers either side of a doorway or entrance add formality and structure; the beautiful flowers of Magnolia bushes are more ornate; and Hamamelis bushes such as Hamamelis Diane more informal with long, ribbon-like, ruby red flowers that provide winter interest.





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