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Plants for edging a path or walkway

Edging plants are grown along the edges of various features to differentiate different parts of your garden; for example, splitting a lawn from a path, separating borders from outbuildings, or even informally delineating the boundaries of your garden from those of neighbours.

The best type of plant to choose depends on the situation. For example, if you have a walkway used to bring supplies from the garage to the house, you could use low-growing, upright edging plants (perhaps even non-invasive groundcover plants) to soften its cold, hard edges without risk of the plants invading out of the beds into the path and negatively impacting the functionality of the walkway. Conversely, tall stately lines of tall, wispy Miscanthus Sinensis may be used to add movement and stature whilst providing some privacy.

Mid-size grasses and shrubs work well with contrasting lower-growing perennials beneath; for example, Blue Oat Grass may be used as a backdrop to Aster plants offering beautiful, cottage garden-style, daisy-like flowers. Interspersing ornamental grasses is also a good way to provide breaks in predominantly shrub or perennial-based edging to avoid long rows of the same thing, as well as introducing some informality. Use Buxus Sempervirens for clearly defined, fine lines or the red-tipped foliage or Imperata Red Baron for a colourful ornamental edge.





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