Cotinus hedging plants

Browse our selection of the best cotinus hedging plants in a range of beautiful foliage colours spanning rich golden yellow and deep regal purples. Cotinus plants are large, deciduous free-flowering shrubs producing large plumes of feathery flower heads in summer, typically in shades of pink, purple and whites. When in full bloom, cotinus takes the appearance of being covered in clouds of smoke, giving it's common name, the smoke bush. They are grown for their beautiful, rounded leaves and work well as hedges, large specimen shrubs or in the mixed border. Purple-leaved varieties such as Cotinus Royal Purple are perfect for providing a contrasting backdrop to yellows, greens and oranges, ideally grown in a warm, sunny spot to bring out their best foliage colour. They continue to provide interest into the autumn with foliage taking on stunning shades of coral pink, red, orange and gold before they lose their leaves. Admittedly, you won’t get the same level of privacy with a deciduous hedge compared to their evergreen counterparts, especially from late autumn to early spring, so if year-round privacy is top priority, consider our range of evergreen hedging plants instead.

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