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Groundcover plants

Carpeting the ground with minimal fuss, ground cover plants are useful for covering bare patches of soil beneath trees, stabilising soil on steep banks and slopes, adding structure and form to your borders and reducing the need for weeding. As dependable, low maintenance plants which solve many landscaping problems quickly and easily, they can also be tucked between stepping stones along a garden path or grown below centre-piece plants in troughs, tubs or containers.

Thyme is a great drought-tolerant groundcover which excels in beds, borders and containers. Sedums such as Sedum Purple Carpet are prized for use in green roofs and living walls because they are so adaptable. Lamb's Ears plants such as or Stachys Silver Carpet have silvery-green, fuzzy leaves with a sprawling habit and flower spikes in summer. Be sure to weed thoroughly before planting as any weeds that remain will be much more difficult to remove afterwards.


Androsace septentrionalis 'Stardust' (C)

CODE: 8940

Androsace septentrionalis 'Stardust' is a mound forming, low growing alpine perennial with dark grey-green evergreen foliage with a slightly... More 


Arabis caucasica 'Snowcap' (S)

CODE: 9330

An attractive, easy-to-grow evergreen perennial which forms a low-growing mat of jagged, hairy grey-green leaves. It produces masses of stunning,... More 


Arabis coburgii 'Old Gold' (S)

CODE: 9331

A pretty mat-forming perennial with glossy, variegated leaves that are golden-green in colour. White flowers appear in spring. Remove any shoots,... More 


Arabis procurrens 'Variegata'

CODE: 89

This is a versatile, ground-covering, evergreen perennial which bears masses of beautiful, pure white flowers held in clusters high above the foliage.... More 


Arenaria montana 'Blizzard' (C)

CODE: 8943

Arenaria montana 'Blizzard' is a low growing evergreen perennial with lance shaped, grey-green foliage on upright stems. In early summer it... More 


Armeria maritima 'Alba' (C)

CODE: 8944

Armeria maritima 'Alba' is a small evergreen perennial with green grass like mounds of leaves. In late spring it produces clusters of white... More 


Astilbe x japonica 'Deutschland'

CODE: 603

Astilbe are an attractive herbaceous perennial with glossy green foliage that produces tiny white flowers in late spring or early summer. Old... More 


Bergenia 'Bressingham White'

CODE: 646

Bergenia 'Bressingham White' is a pretty evergreen perennial with large leathery (Elephant's Ears) rounded green leaves that are flushed red... More 


Cistus x dansereaui 'Decumbens'

CODE: 2108

Cistus x dansereaui 'Decumbens' is an excellent shrubby ground cover plant which bears luminous, snowy white flowers throughout summer. It has... More 


Cistus x hybridus (syn. Cistus x corbariensis)

CODE: 2107

Cistus x hybridus (syn. Cistus x corbariensis) is an evergreen variety and is one of the two hardiest cistuses. It bears single white flowers with yellow... More 


Convallaria majalis

CODE: 433

This is a beautiful, spring flowering deciduous bulb with arching racemes of small, pendent, sweetly scented white flowers. These are perfect for adding... More 


Convolvulus cneorum

CODE: 2325

Convolvulus cneorum is a versatile, slow growing, spreading evergreen shrub that provides excellent groundcover as well as looking great cascading over... More 


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