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Plants for full sun

Full sun means plants that need direct, unfiltered sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Sunny borders are ideal for growing fruit trees, prairie-style planting and herbaceous perennials. Plants in sunny borders have much higher watering requirements than those in cooler shaded borders, especially when newly planted, so ensure you pay special attention to them when irrigating the garden. To foster deep, extensive root growth, provide a thorough watering every few days, rather than a daily light sprinkle. Building plenty of water-retaining organic matter into your soil before planting will also help.

Acer Griseum (Paper Bark Maple) has stunning, smooth cinnamon-coloured peeling bark, whilst the vibrant, varied foliage colour of Acer Katsura and whorls of bright green, pointed leaves of the Monkey Puzzle Tree make them attractive centre-pieces. Use the colourful, variegated leaves of Actinidia Kolomikta or the trailing habit of Akebia Quinata,complete with vanilla scented purple-maroon flowers in spring, to climb up or over sunny walls, or choose a 'Butterfly bush' such as Buddleia Black Knight as a wildlife attracting plant. Fruit bushes such as the abundant Blueberry Bluecrop will prove rewarding in growing your own crop.





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