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Hardy trees

If your garden has exposed borders or is subject to high winds, one of the ways in which you could limit exposure is by planting trees to act as windbreaks and to provide shelter. Along with providing shelter, trees offer a sense of privacy and are a fantastic habitat for wildlife, including squirrels, birds and plenty of other animals who will find homes amongst the branches. As trees are everywhere you could be forgiven for thinking that all trees are all suited to all weathers; however, that is not always the case – some trees are more suited for more adverse environments, like the Birch Tree 'Youngii' (Betula pendula) a highly ornamental, deciduous specimen, with weeping, diamond shaped, serrated, bright green young leaves which darken as they mature. If you want to add colour to your garden, we recommend the Voss’s Laburnum tree, whose wonderful drooping yellow racemes create a curtain of vibrancy between May and June.

When buying a tree, look carefully at the ultimate height and spread; you should consider how the tree will look in your garden at maturity. Some trees, like the White Barked Himalayan Birch can grow to 8m tall and 4m wide – not ideal for a small garden – however, the Sycamore Brilliantissimum reaches a mature height of 4m, half the size, and is better suited to a smaller to medium sized garden.

Buy Photinia x fraseri Red Robin online from Jacksons Nurseries
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100-120cm stem, 10-15 litre pot
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15 litre pot 100-120cm stem(please note that charge for large item will be added to the shipping cost)

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