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Hardy climbing plants

Climbing plants are great for covering bare walls and other eyesores in the garden with their flowers and foliage. They can brighten up even the ugliest of places and make efficient use of space in smaller gardens given their inclination to reach upwards to clothe whatever wall, trellis, arch, arbour or other support structure you give them. If you’re looking to grow a climber in a particular cold, exposed gardens (perhaps near the coast or garden at high elevation) or if you’re looking for something to clothe a north-facing wall that is naturally colder as it receives less sunlight, you’ll want to choose a particularly cold-hardy climber to suit the situation. Some “twining” climbers wind themselves around the support framework you give them, whereas other “self clinging” climbers have aerial roots or adhesive pads which actually self-cling to their climbing surface. Pay special attention to the eventual height and spread of the climber you choose to grow too to ensure it won’t start sprawling outside of its designated bounds. The product filters below may help you not only find a hardy climber that will grow to a suitable size but also one that will thrive on your soil conditions.

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