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Christmas Tree Care and FAQs


 We've put together a collection of handy guides to help you in choosing, buying, decorating and caring for your Christmas tree to keep it looking at its best. Some of these are based on questions we often get asked by our customers which you may find useful too. We hope the articles will help you pick the perfect tree for you and your family and leave it looking in tip-top condition throughout the festive period.



Different Types of Real Christmas Tree

Different Types of Real Christmas Tree

 Traditionally many different evergreen species were used as a Christmas tree. We cover 4 types of Christmas tree in more detail to help you choose the best one for you and your family.



Christmas tree size guide

Christmas Tree Size Guide

Christmas tree heights are often quoted in a mish-mash of metric and imperial.  We've compiled a conversion table, along with key considerations to think about when choosing the height of your tree.



How to care for a real Christmas tree

How to care for a real Christmas tree

Top tips such as sawing 1 inch off the base before installing your tree in the home, keeping it away from radiators and open fires, watering regularly and how to dispose of your tree after Christmas.


Christmas tree delivery London

Christmas tree delivery London

If you find London retailers charge a hefty premium for trees why not consider ordering your tree online for delivery on a date of your choice? We share details of how we harvest and dispatch our trees.



When to buy a real Christmas tree

When to buy a Christmas tree

Striking the careful balancing act between buying your tree too early and spending your Christmas week cleaning up piles of pine needles vs not buying it so late that the best trees have sold out.



Where to buy a real Christmas tree

Where to buy a Christmas tree

How to understand Christmas tree grades, considering whether you'd prefer to buy in-person or online and weighting up the relatively benefits and drawbacks of different outlets.


How to choose a real Christmas tree

How to choose a Christmas tree

Careful planning is essential to choose the right Christmas tree for you. We cover the factors to think about from where you will put your tree to checking the quality of different trees.



Reasons to buy your Christmas tree early

Reasons to buy your Xmas tree early

Why ordering online gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to reserve one of the best trees from the current harvest whilst waiting until a sensible date to install your tree in the home.



How to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh

How to keep your tree looking fresh

With Christmas trees going on sale earlier every year, the right care and attention for your tree to keep it looking at its best throughout the festive season is more important than ever..


How to put your Christmas tree up in the home

How to put up a Xmas tree at home

We cover the process from preparing your tree outdoors and getting it into the stand or box to decorating your tree and on-going care requirements such as topping up the stand with water.



How long does a Christmas tree last

How long does a Christmas tree last?

How long different types of real Christmas tree will last under ideal care/conditions; how to choose a healthy tree at the outset; a re-cap on tree care; and making your tree last a lifetime.



Benefits of a real Christmas tree

Benefits of a real vs. artificial tree

We thought we'd set the record straight by covering the key factors to consider when making the choice and help you conclude that the best and most natural choice is a real tree at Christmas.




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