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Bare Root Trees, Shrubs & Hedging

Many deciduous shrubs, trees and hedging plants, along with some evergreens, are available as bare root plants whilst they're dormant between November and March. Despite the dormancy, the roots will quietly establish and grow away below ground, ready to fuel a fabulous display of flowers and foliage once the soil warms up in the spring.
Bare root trees/shrubs are a great way to create a large hedge or fill a big space at a fraction of the cost of the same plants in containers. Some of the most popular hedging choices are Common Beech, Common Yew, Hawthorn and Leylandii. Choose holly plants if you're looking for a spiky, impenetrable intruder-proof screen; Sorbus Aucuparia for white flowers and red berries (deciduous); or box hedging if you want something that's slow growing, long lived and looks smart when kept well-clipped.
There are a number of advantages of bare root plants compared to their containerised counterparts:
  • Environmentally friendly - shipped without plastic pots
  • Better value for money than containerised plants
  • Quicker to establish as roots are in direct contact with the soil
The exact start and finish of the bare root season depends on the weather and varies from year to year. If the start of autumn is particularly warm then we may not begin shipping bare root stock until later in November and if winter breaks earlier and we have a warm spring then the season may end earlier in March.
Planting should take place at a time when conditions are not icy or snowy, the ground is not waterlogged and it's not excessively windy, ideally as soon as possible after taking delivery of your bare root plants. If this is not feasible, you'll need to care for your bare root plants for a number of days before they're ready to go into the ground.
Avoid planting too deep as this is the most common cause of failure of bare root plants and stake top-heavy and larger specimens on the side of the prevailing wind in more exposed locations..
We've produced an article on how to plant, grow and care for bare root plants to help you.



Abies nordmanniana Bare Root

CODE: 8536

We've specifically chosen to grow this variety because it has stunning, glossy, deep green-blue flat needles that won’t end up all over the carpet.... More 


Acer campestre Bare Root

CODE: 8537

Acer campestre is a medium-sized deciduous tree with a compact bushy crown. Dense leaves are pink at first, before turning yellow and red in the autumn.... More 


Alnus glutinosa Bare Root

CODE: 8538

Alnus glutinosa is a medium-sized, multi-stemmed deciduous tree with rounded glossy leaves. It is broadly conical when young, with grey-purple buds and... More 


Alnus incana Bare Root

CODE: 8575

Alnus incana is a relatively fast growing and vigorous deciduous tree with a conically shaped growth habit. It produces foliage from spring onwards with... More 


Amelanchier canadensis Bare Root

CODE: 8576

Amelanchier canadensis is a deciduous, suckering shrub that can be trained into a small tree if desired.  In late spring it produces upright... More 


Berberis julianae Bare Root

CODE: 8578

This is a dense, strong growing, evergreen shrub which creates an excellent, impenetrable hedge bearing very long thorns and spiny margins to the leaves.... More 


Betula pendula Bare Root

CODE: 8539

Betula pendula is a fast-growing, upright tree which begins to weep with age. It features slender drooping twigs and a distinct peeling white bark, with... More 


Buxus sempervirens Bare Root

CODE: 8540

A dense evergreen shrub that is quite slow growing yet very long lived. Its purpose is primarily for hedging and topiary. However, it has all the... More 


Carpinus betulus Bare Root

CODE: 8541

Carpinus betulus is a sturdy deciduous tree with a fluted grey trunk. Ribbed mid-green leaves turn yellow and orange in autumn. Catkins open in spring,... More 


Cornus alba 'Aurea' Bare Root

CODE: 8583

Cornus alba 'Aurea' is a lovely hardy deciduous shrub which produces a stunning display of large crisp yellow leaves in spring followed by... More 


Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' Bare Root

CODE: 8584

Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' is a vigorous upright shrub which is a very good value plant for home gardens. It has very attractive cream-green... More 


Cornus alba 'Gouchaultii' Bare Root

CODE: 8585

Cornus alba 'Gouchaultii' is a hardy deciduous shrub that will thrive in most soil conditions. Mainly grown for its lime green edged leaf... More 


Cornus alba 'Sibirica' Bare Root

CODE: 8586

Dark green foliage, turning red in autumn with heads of creamy-white flowers, which are succeeded by rounded, white fruits, often tinged blue. A... More 


Cornus kousa Bare Root

CODE: 8587

Cornus kousa is a broadly conical dogwood which is renowned for its spectacular autumn foliage colours. It bears small green flowers in June which are... More 


Cornus sanguinea Bare Root

CODE: 8542

Cornus sanguinea is an upright, deciduous shrub with green leaves turning deep-red in autumn. Its young shoots are reddish in winter. Small white flowers... More 


Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea' Bare Root

CODE: 8543

The Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea' is a beautiful, deciduous, dense shrub which shows lovely rich golden stems in winter. It is a very hardy plant... More 


Corylus avellana Bare Root

CODE: 8544

Corylus avellana is a large deciduous shrub, baring green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Long yellow male catkins and short red female catkins form... More 


Cotoneaster franchetii Bare Root

CODE: 8589

Small pink tinged, white flowers in the early summer, followed by a profusion of oblong, bright orange/red fruits. This evergreen or semi-evergreen... More 


Cotoneaster lacteus Bare Root

CODE: 8590

Shallow cup-shaped white flowers grow from early to mid-summer. Long lasting red berries are carried in massive clusters in autumn/winter. An evergreen,... More 


Crataegus monogyna Bare Root (60-80cm)

CODE: 8545

Other Sizes Available 90-120cm, 1+12 (Bare Root) ---------------------------- Crataegus monogyna is a rounded deciduous shrub with... More 


Crataegus monogyna Bare Root (90-120cm)

CODE: 12328

Other Sizes Available 60-80cm, 1+1 (Bare Root) ---------------------------- Crataegus monogyna is a rounded deciduous shrub with... More 


Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea' Bare Root

CODE: 8547

Bright young coppery red leaves mature to deep crimson maroon purple as the summer progresses, turning deep orange to copper in autumn. Although... More 


Fagus sylvatica Bare Root

CODE: 8546

Fagus sylvatica is a large and fast-growing deciduous tree with a broad spreading crown. It has elliptic leaves, yellow-green in colour in spring,... More 


Ilex aquifolium Hedging

CODE: 8548

A bushy shrub with unusual shaped leaves and bold irregular splashes of yellow, female plants bear deep red berries in autumn. Unfortunately, we... More 


Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum' Bare Root

CODE: 8551

Ligustum ovalium ‘Aureum’ is a dense evergreen shrub. Leaves are oval in shape and coloured a rich yellow, sometimes with a green mark in the... More 


Ligustrum ovalifolium Bare Root

CODE: 8550

Ligustrum ovalifolium is an evergreen, bushy shrub with oval, glossy green leaves and white flowers in the summer. It produces small, black, spherical... More 


Lonicera pileata Bare Root

CODE: 8593

This is a dense, bushy variety with a spreading growth habit and angular branches which are clothed with masses of small, glossy, mid-green leaves. It... More 


Mahonia aquifolium Bare Root

CODE: 8594

A medium sized, evergreen, prickly shrub bearing dense clusters of yellow flowers in the spring. During autumn and winter it produces black fruits... More 


Malus sylvestris Bare Root

CODE: 8552

Malus sylvestris (Crab Apple) is a native deciduous tree that bares dense clusters of pink flowers in early May followed by fruit in autumn. Can be... More 


Mixed Native Hedge Pack (Blackthorn Base)

CODE: 8545

Also Available Mixed Native Hedge Pack (Hawthorn Base) ---------------------------- Our Blackthorn based bare root mixed native... More 


Mixed Native Hedge Pack (Hawthorn Base)

CODE: 8545

Also Available Mixed Native Hedge Pack (Blackthorn Base) ---------------------------- Our Hawthorn based bare root mixed native... More 


Picea abies Bare Root

CODE: 8553

Picea abies is a coniferous evergreen tree. It grows conical when young, and columnar when mature. Reddish-brown bark and shoots bear blunt, needle-like... More 


Pinus sylvestris Bare Root

CODE: 8554

Pinus sylvestris is a coniferous evergreen tree, usually growing very large with a bare, straight trunk topped with a rounded mass of grey-green needles... More 


Prunus avium Bare Root

CODE: 8556

Prunus avium is a deciduous tree with an upright to spreading habit. Bark is red-banded and leaves are ovate or oblong, coloured dark green, but turning... More 


Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' Bare Root (30-40cm)

CODE: 8557

Other Sizes Available 60-80cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 100-120cm (Rootball) 150-170cm (Rootball)... More 


Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' Bare Root (60-80cm)

CODE: 12329

Other Sizes Available 60-80cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 100-120cm (Rootball) 150-170cm (Rootball)... More 


Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' Rootball (100-120cm)

CODE: 8558

Other Sizes Available 30-60cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 60-80cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 150-170cm (Rootball)... More 


Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' Rootball (150-170cm)

CODE: 12330

Other Sizes Available 30-60cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 60-80cm, 2-3 break (Bare Root) 100-120cm (Rootball)... More 


Prunus spinosa Bare Root

CODE: 8560

Prunus spinose is a thorny deciduous tree or shrub with dark green, ovate leaves. Small clusters of white, salver-shaped flowers form in early spring on... More 


Quercus robur Bare Root

CODE: 8561

Common oak is a large, long-lived, native deciduous tree with irregular, lobed, mid to dark green leaves that have no stalks and appear from April to... More 


Rosa canina Bare Root

CODE: 8562

Rosa canina is an arching deciduous shrub with mid-green foliage, stems covered in hooked spines and pale pink or white flowers, either solitary or in... More 


Rosa rugosa Bare Root

CODE: 8563

Rosa rugosa are upright shrubs with prickly stems. They bear glossy, wrinkled leaves and fragrant, single or semi-double flowers in summer and autumn,... More 


Salix alba Bare Root

CODE: 8599

Salix alba is a deciduous tree with a pendulous, weeping habit. It grows narrow oval pale green leaves with a silky white hairs on the underside giving... More 


Salix caprea Bare Root

CODE: 8564

Salix caprea is a rounded deciduous shrub or small tree with broadly elliptic leaves with a greyish underside, and soft silky, silvery catkins, produced... More 


Salix cinerea Bare Root

CODE: 8565

Salix cinerea is a small tree but more usually makes a large shrub.  Leaves have rust coloured hairs on veins and may be 2-4 times as long as... More 


Salix x sepulcralis 'Chrysocoma' Bare Root

CODE: 8568

This is a dome-shaped, deciduous tree with weeping, slender yellow shoots and narrow, yellow-green leaves that mature to mid-green with age. As an... More 


Sambucus nigra 'Aurea' Bare Root

CODE: 8600

Sambucus nigra 'Aurea' is a vigorous deciduous shrub that grows beautiful golden yellow leaves arranged along the stem in a pinnate formation.... More 


Sambucus nigra Bare Root

CODE: 8569

Sambucus nigra is large bushy shrub or small tree to 6m, with pinnate leaves turning pale yellow in autumn, with flat sprays of fragrant cream flowers... More 


Sorbus aria Bare Root

CODE: 8601

A beautiful, deciduous tree with striking, ovate green leaves that appear in early spring. These have white undersides and gradually darken to grey-green... More 


Sorbus aucuparia Bare Root

CODE: 8570

A spreading, deciduous tree or shrub producing sprays of tiny white flowers in late spring. Rich green leaves which take on brilliant shades of deep... More 


Taxus baccata Bare Root

CODE: 8571

Yew trees are native to Britain and particularly common in England and Wales, where they are a common sight in many churchyards. Taxus baccata is a very... More 


Viburnum opulus Bare Root

CODE: 8573

Viburnum opulus is an excellent upright deciduous hedging shrub with green maple-like, lobed leaves which turn red in autumn, and flat clusters of... More 


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