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The bare root season usually runs from early November to the end of March but the exact period depends on the weather and varies from year to year. If the start of Autumn is particularly warm then we may not begin shipping bare root stock until later in November and if Winter breaks earlier and we have a warm Spring then the season may end earlier in March.
Bare root trees/shrubs are a great way to create a large hedge or fill a big space at a fraction of the cost of the same plants in containers. Some of the most popular hedging choices are Common Beech, Common Yew, Hawthorn and Leylandii. Choose holly plants if you're looking for a spiky, impenetrable intruder-proof screen; Sorbus Aucuparia for white flowers and red berries (deciduous); or box hedging if you want something that's slow growing, long lived and looks smart when kept well-clipped.


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